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Packing room to use a small coup, I suggest you collect it as soon as possible!

In recent years, the packing room has been widely used in construction sites because of its beautiful appearance, low price and easy to move, especially the simple and convenient packing network and unique caring rental service model, which have been recognized by many users.

Renting a packing room can greatly reduce the user's capital occupation and ensure the safety of funds. There are many benefits of packing a box room, which is undoubtedly a win-win situation. However, occasionally users will have to deduct the deposit at checkout because they do not pay attention to the details when using the packing room, and the good mood will be greatly reduced. So how can you avoid the deposit being deducted? Here are some practical packing room tips, please read and check.

1. No glue tips

First of all, I recommend a cheap and practical little thing, the kitchen greaseproof sticker. The oil-proof strip is made of special glue-free material, which is not easy to fall off after pasting, and there will be no trace of glue sticking to the wall after tearing it off. It's cheap and very economical.

Therefore, before sticking posters, slogans, etc., you can put a layer of kitchen oil-proof stickers on the wall of the packing room, and then apply nail-free glue on the stickers before pasting, so that not only the stickers are firmly attached, but also as long as the stickers are cut When you reach the right size, you don't have to worry about affecting the appearance at all, and you can also avoid the problem of being deducted because of sticking glue on the wall of the packing room.

2. No punching technique

The hook is used for hanging objects and cannot be punched, but the firmness of the hook is worrying.

In fact, we only need a cotton swab to spread egg white evenly on the back of the hook! Then stick it on the wall of the packing room, wait until the egg white is completely dry, and then hang things (usually about 12 hours). With the help of egg whites, the suction cup hooks become very strong, don't worry about the hooks falling off too often!

3. Wooden floor maintenance tips

In the office environment, we often encounter the problem that the wooden floor of the packing room is flooded in a small area. First, dry the surface as soon as possible, then aim the vacuum cleaner at the splicing gap of the submerged floor to absorb the water vapor.

Note that the second step must not be less, and do not feel troublesome, because the wooden floor is easy to mold, warp or even deform when it is damp.

4. Tips for removing indoor humidity

Because the large construction sites are mostly located in the suburbs, the environment may be relatively humid, resulting in dampness in the packing box house. At this time, the lime on the construction site can be used.

Pack a few more small cloth bags and put them in every corner of the packing room room. Lime itself has a hygroscopic effect, which can slow down indoor humidity. At the same time, lime also has a disinfection effect, killing two birds with one stone.

5. Check out and clean up tips

Please clean all rooms before departure. If you do not go back to the way you moved in (such as leaving your own office furniture, etc.), the cost of restoring and disposing of the leftovers in the packed box room will be deducted from the deposit.

Generally speaking, most of the packing houses do not encounter any problems in the sanitation and cleaning, and it may be a little difficult to clean up the oil stains in the corners of the kitchen. At this time, all you need is an old toothbrush and baking soda, which are indispensable in the kitchen.

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