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How many years can the prefab house's service life be?

How many years can the prefab house be used, and how many years can the color steel house be used? If the color steel house has been used for 10 years, you have to buy better materials. For a one-story house, the column thickness is 1.5 mm, and for a two-story house, the column thickness cannot be 1.8 mm, and it can be used for 10 years.

The manufacturer of prefabricated houses said that the service life of prefabricated houses is related to the materials used. In recent years, due to the fierce competition in the mobile home market, many manufacturers have lowered their prices, and the specified materials are not as good as before. As far as the prefab house manufacturers know, the lowest wholesale price is less than 100 yuan per square meter. The thickness of the pillars of the steel house is 1.2 mm, the wall and top panels are made of rock wool with a thickness of 5 cm, and the thickness of the iron sheets on both sides is 0.16 mm. This kind of house can be built with one storey. If not dismantled, it can be used for five years. If it is removed and moved to another place, the loss of the board will be relatively large. If the color steel house has been used for 10 years, you have to buy better materials. For a one-story house, the thickness of the column should be 1.5 mm, and for a two-story house, the thickness of the column should not be less than 1.8 mm.

How long is the service life of the prefab house?

If the thickness of the iron sheet is above 0.3, a house of this grade is good. The market price is about 200 yuan, including installation fee and shipping fee, excluding foundation.

At present, if the general prefabricated house in China is used in the construction site of the industrial area, if it is not maintained, the lifespan is only 4-5 years. The advantage of the prefab house is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble, but the disadvantage is that the thermal insulation, wind resistance and external force resistance are poor. The prefab house manufacturers believe that the service life of the prefab house is closely related to the maintenance and use environment and materials.

In daily life, prefab houses are relatively rare. It is a kind of temporary housing for some areas or some businesses that suffer from natural disasters. Now more and more prefab houses are used. So what advantages does it have to become your preferred choice for temporary commercial housing supply? Let's take a look with the prefab house manufacturers!

1. Energy saving: Using new environmentally friendly materials, the hot air channel can be cut off naturally. It has thermal insulation material in its walls, so it has a good thermal insulation effect.

2. Comfortable: The manufacturer of the prefab house said that because the prefab house has a thermal insulation effect, the people living in it will be very comfortable. And the material used is green and environmentally friendly, and the breathability is also very good, which will be very comfortable.

3. Short construction period: light weight, strong adaptability to climate, fast installation and construction.

4. Environmental protection: the construction process will not pollute the surrounding environment, and its steel structure can be recycled and reused.

5. Durability: As the steel structure is made of hot-dip galvanized high-strength cold-rolled thin steel sheet, its galvanizing amount is greater than 180g/m2, and its OSB plate adopts Canadian technology, both of which can meet the durability of the prefab house.

6. Low cost of building a house: It does not need to be equipped with some expensive furniture and some luxurious decoration. Its construction cost is much lower than other ordinary houses, the construction period is also short, and the price of the required materials will be relatively low.

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