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Prefab house manufacturers: What is the reason why the prefab market is getting better and better?

The mobile house was invented by Japan in the world, and later introduced to China, and it will be developed after 2000. After years of development, prefabricated houses have become an indispensable industry in China. It plays an important role in the development of various industries. Manufacturers of prefabricated houses said that sometimes prefabricated houses are already closely related to life. So why is the market for mobile homes getting better and better in recent years? To sum it up, it still lies in some of the characteristics of the mobile room.

First of all, the mobile house is a new type of house, and the materials and steel structure are reasonably matched. It can achieve a good safety purpose. The specific data is that it is resistant to earthquakes of magnitude 7 and typhoons of magnitude 12, which is difficult for ordinary houses to achieve. Therefore, it is widely used in some earthquake-stricken areas, such as Yingjiang and Japan this time.

Second, the cost is low. Because of some features, compared with some brick houses, the cost is very low, and it can be recycled and has a longer service life. According to statistics, generally a mobile room can be reused more than 6 times. From these data, we can also know that the comprehensive cost is relatively low.

In addition, the manufacturer of prefabricated houses said that the construction speed of prefabricated houses is very fast. Generally speaking, more than 500 square meters can be installed in a week, which is unimaginable in the field of traditional construction, and such buildings will not produce construction waste. There is no doubt that this has played a good role in protecting the environment and is in line with current needs. Under these interlocking links, people's recognition when choosing a prefab will be enhanced, which is one of the reasons why prefab has more and more potential in the market.

As the application of prefabricated houses becomes more and more extensive, many problems also arise. Among them, how to correctly dismantle the prefabricated houses on the construction site is a question worthy of discussion. Although it seems that this problem is very simple, but if not taken seriously, there will be many security problems.

The manufacturer of prefabricated houses said that the demolition of prefabricated houses is a high-altitude operation. In order to carry out safe work, the following points need to be understood:

1. Demolition process: wall panel > roof panel > purlin > high-strength bolt > steel beam > steel column > embedded bolt > embedded steel plate.

2. The dismantling operation should be carried out in sequence from top to bottom, the operators should cooperate with each other, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle the partition board first.

3. If the safe use period is exceeded, it needs to be dismantled by destructive machinery, and manual operation is strictly prohibited;

4. Infrared and warning signs should be set up in the area to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the scene;

5. In case of severe weather such as strong wind, heavy fog, heavy rain, etc. above level 5, the operation is not allowed.

6. Before dismantling, cut off the power supply in the steel structure.

The above points can be said to be the safety instructions for demolition personnel. Faced with the convenience of the mobile house, they must pay attention to safety, so that the mobile house can really become the safest temporary housing.

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