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The planning concept of installing the box-type activity room is environmental protection and simplicity

If the indoor floor requirement of the box-type mobile room is 5 cm higher than the outdoor, the drainage ditch should be repaired outside. If it is not professional related personnel, do not change any structure of the box-type mobile room. The load value of the box-type mobile room floor per square meter It shall not be greater than the static load and load standard value specified in the contract. Do not use open flame stoves inside the box-type mobile room, do not jump or run on the upper floor of the box-type mobile room, when using the doors and windows, you need to push gently and gently close, about the construction requirements of the box-type mobile room that are easy to corrode Regularly rewrite and maintain.

The indoor exposed box-type movable room with high decoration requirements, the hot spare is the box-type movable room residence, the load-bearing steel structure of the equipment, brackets, skirts and other parts that are easy to be bumped, the standard fire resistance limit needs to be above 1.5h, it should be selected Box-type activity room fireproof board. For open-air box-type activity rooms, fire-retardant coatings suitable for outdoor box-type activity rooms should be selected, and the project application of outdoor box-type activity rooms should be verified for at least one year, and the coating function has not changed significantly. The multi-layer coatings should be matched with each other. It can cooperate with ordinary anti-rust paint to make the primer itself have anti-rust function; when choosing a special-purpose fire-resistant paint, it is necessary to have more than one year of engineering application verification cases, and its fire-resistant function must meet the needs.
Shandong box-type activity room
The planning concept of the box-type activity room is environmental protection, simplicity, convenience, warmth and fashion. The frame material of the box-type prefab house is light steel, the sandwich panel is the envelope material, the components are connected by bolts, and the space is combined through the standard module series. It is a new concept of environmental protection and economical house. Shandong box-type mobile house installation is simple and quick to disassemble, which is a good news for people who are in urgent need of living. The outer wall of the box-type prefab house is made of thermal insulation board, which can store heat for people in cold winter, warm in winter and cool in summer. The box-type mobile house is stylish and beautiful in appearance, and it is not inferior to the ordinary house at all.

The wall and roof materials of the box-type prefab are all colored steel plates covered with polystyrene ink-splashing plastic sandwich composite panels. The door is a color steel sandwich panel door, and the window is a color coated steel plate window. Galvanized steel frame. The complete disassembly of the box-type mobile home components makes the house easy to transport and saves money. It is mainly used in residential areas, construction sites, and gatehouses in factories.

Check the tightness of the box-type mobile house, tight sealing, thermal insulation, waterproof, fire-resistant, moisture-proof; second point, the Chengdu box-type mobile house needs to be replaced after its service life, and the life of the board house is generally more than 15 years. , This is what you need to know, but the prefabricated house is easy to transport, dismantling and recycling, environmental protection and saving, but it is necessary to have a professional to guide when installing the box-type mobile house.

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