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Detailed explanation of the precautions for the hoisting of the packing room

The rust removal operation of the packing room is also very important. The packing room should be derusted and painted every 1-2 years, so that the overall structure of the packing room can be maintained for a longer time, and it can also make the packing room more beautiful. The packing box room is made of metal frame. When the user installs electric lighting equipment, the wires cannot be directly tied to the packing box room. Line pipes or wire grooves should be laid to prevent electric shock. After the installation of the packing room is completed, the user shall not modify the internal structure of the packing room without permission, shall not install bolt components, and shall not add partition walls.

Transport the packing house to the construction site for splicing; use the connection construction to connect the four groups of boxes of the packing house, and complete the capping of the packing house; after the splicing of the box-type main body of the packing house, start the roof construction and build The roof truss of the packing house; the waterproofing of the packing house is laid, and the construction of the packing house is completed.

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