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Small knowledge of the prospects of container mobile homes

The emergence of container houses has promoted the level of construction industrialization in the construction industry, further promoted various tasks in the modern construction industry, and made positive contributions to the development of my country's modern construction industry. At present, modern building construction is becoming more and more specialized, and more and more manufacturers in the construction industry take into account the energy saving of buildings while improving people's comfort and fashion. With the gradual maturity of materials and technologies used in energy-saving buildings such as container prefabs, the market space for new building materials is also growing. New building materials do not pollute the environment, have a relatively long service life, and can also be used as renewable resources. make use of it.

Weichang integrated housing production base began to engage in the temporary construction industry in 1985, and officially participated in the temporary construction industry from the earliest phosphorus-magnesium board house. In the update of products such as packing boxes, Weichang is always at the forefront of the industry. The production of packing boxes in Weichang started more than ten years ago, mainly for export. In 2017, Weichang first carried out assembly line production of packing boxes. Packing boxes are the first products produced by Weichang assembly line. The assembly line production of Fanglele packing boxes has accelerated the development speed of packing boxes in China's temporary construction industry, and promoted Weifang as the country's packing box production base. Weichang is an integrated housing production base in Shandong Province. It has been rated as "Modern Industrial Base of Construction Industry in Shandong Province" by the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and is the engineering technology center of integrated housing in Weifang City.

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